our story

In 2010, Courtney Costello and Ryan Fitzgerald founded Cortello beginning with a vision greater than the actual space and services. Their vision was to deliver an exceptional, above and beyond experience that would raise the standards within the professional beauty industry. 

As a stylist for over 10 years, Courtney saw how many salons and professionals in our industry were failing to deliver this vision. From the onset of her career it was clear the outside perception of this industry does not match the reality of it from within. Now she and Ryan work to evolve that perception by exceeding expectations of both guests and future professionals. 

Opening their doors with a team of only 5, Cortello now employs a team close to 50. Cortello is
 recognized by national publications such as Inc.500 and Salon Today magazines as one of the fastest growing businesses in this country. It is through their mission, growth, and recognition of the Cortello team that they inspire others inside and outside our industry and community to see the potential this profession has to offer.

our team

Our team of professionals are passionate about beauty, fashion, and people. Their individual uniqueness is what strengthens their collective ability as a team.  Our number one mission is delivering a consistent, above and beyond experience to each guest we serve. We are united by the values teamwork, education and growth, because that is the foundation this company is built upon. At Cortello we push and challenge each other and the status quo to be better tomorrow than we are today. 

the experience

At Cortello your experience is our number one priority. From the moment you call to book to when you are at home after your visit. We strive to create an experience that takes you away from your busy life and transports you to a place where you are relaxed, pampered, and feel special.

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